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Guangxi Ethnic Silvery Accessory Exhibition
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Guangxi Ethnic Silvery Accessory Exhibition
   This exhibition carefully selects 200 pieces (sets) of silvery items of the ethnic minorities of Guangxi and is divided into four parts: Miao Silvery, Dong Silvery, Yao Silvery and Zhuang Silvery, displaying the cultural connotations of silvery art and craft of the ethnic people of Guangxi. Through the exhibition, visitors are led into the silvery world to appreciate and taste the delicate and elegant ethnic art so as to promote the excellent traditional ethnic culture. This exhibition needs about 700 square meters of displaying area.
Contact: Research Dept. Branch One. Tel.: 0771-2024321

 Guangxi Ethnic Silvery Accessory Exhibition :
Title: Part One Miao Silvery
Introduction: Miao ethnic group is a nation world-renowned for its clothing. And the silvery is the most magnificent among the Miao clothing. The treasure accumulated by generations after generations has molded the exquisite silvery, shining Miao household of the mountains...


Title: Part Two Dong Silvery
Introduction: The silvery of Dong is an essential component of Dong costume. Dong silvery is elegant, dignified but not unobtrusive. It is not magnificent as the silvery of Miao. Its head ornaments are like white phoenix spreading wings. Its chest ornament is noble and elegant with “colorful silvery” craft. “Colorful silvery” is silvery originated from cloisonne craft, which is more beautiful than the traditional silvery. It is full of extremely high value of collection.


Title: Part Three Yao Silvery
Introduction: The clothing of Yao is known for its beautiful clothes adorned by silvery. The Yao of Guangxi has many branches, the silvery of each branch having different functions. For example, the hat ornament of Chashan Yao, and silvery plate of colorful Pangu Yao clothes, indigo simple but elegant neck ring... Silvery can be seen everywhere of Yao branch.


Title: Part Four Zhuang Silvery
Introduction: The wearing of silvery is very popular among Zhuang people. The diversity of silvery style and different patterns of bracelet, all implicitly express the affection of Zhuang girls. In the antiphonal song of Zhuang, if the girl permits the man to “rob” her silvery bracelet, it means they fall in love with other. With the change of time, the silvery of Zhuang is left in the long history. But in the exhibition, the Zhuang silvery is telling its history and shining in silence.


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