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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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Column Introduction
    Only survey has the right to talk. We are actively doing survey in modern historical architecture, ethnic villages, collection of ethnic cultural relics, archaeological excavation on anthropology and rock painting.
2017-02-28 Staff Going to Napo Eco-museum for Survey & Documentary Shooting Training Work
2017-02-22 Survey of Ancient Mine Sites in Nandan
2017-02-21 Field Survey in Neolithic Age Sites around Nanning
2017-02-16 Staff Doing Field Survey of Rice-farming Agriculture in Places like Longsheng and Ziyuan
2017-01-18 Staff of GXMN Going to Sanjiang for Survey of Dong Clothes
2016-10-17 Professors Going to Zuojiang for Rock Art Survey & Dating Samples Collections
2016-09-18 GXMN Staff Going to Lijiang for Rock Art Exhibition & Survey
2016-09-01 GXMN Staff Doing Rock Art Survey in Ningming & Chongzuo
2016-08-31 GXMN Staff Going to Work in Longji Zhuang Eco-museum
2016-08-23 GXMN Staff Shooting Documentary of Red Yao Clothes in Rongshui
2016-07-19 GXMN Staff Going to Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County for Training Work of “2016 Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum Cultural Memory Project”
2016-06-14 GXMN Staff Going to Wuming to Do Field Survey of Zhuang Lunar March 3rd Event
2016-05-19 GXMN Staff Going to Sanjiang Eco-museum for Textile Survey
2016-05-12 Staff Going to Longsheng to Shoot Documentary Handmade Paper
2016-05-03 GXMN Staff Going to Chongzuo for Rock Painting Investigations
2016-03-21 GXMN Staff Going to Longsheng to Instruct Yao Clothes Documentary Shooting & Production
2016-02-24 GXMN Staff Shooting Shangdeng Festival in the Zeng's Mansion of Liujiang
2016-02-02 GXMN Staff Going to Baise & Chongzuo for Survey of Palaeoanthropology & Rock Painting
2015-12-20 Shooting Documentary of Daban Yao Ethnic Costume in Fangchenggang
2015-12-18 Shooting Documentary of Huatou Yao Ethnic Costume in Fangchenggang
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