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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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Column Introduction
    Only survey has the right to talk. We are actively doing survey in modern historical architecture, ethnic villages, collection of ethnic cultural relics, archaeological excavation on anthropology and rock painting.
2018-02-01 Members of Yonsei University Going to Bose Basin for Scientific Investigation
2018-01-07 To Fuchuan for Investigation of Xiaohe Ancient Route
2017-12-19 Sound Close of Museum Ethnographic Field Research Workshop
2017-12-03 Experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences Going to Nanning & Tiandong for Scientific Investigation
2017-11-07 Lu Qiuyan to Hechi for Ancient Smelting Site Survey
2017-11-02 Surveying Bronze Drums Collected in Europe
2017-10-24 Staves Going to Bama Yao Autonomous County for Rock Art Survey
2017-10-20 Staff Going to Hunan Archaeological for Survey of Handaxe & Exchange
2017-09-26 Investigation of Western Han Dynasty Clothes Culture in Changsha
2017-09-26 Staff Going to Chongzuo & Baise for Field Investigation
2017-09-10 Researchers Going to Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology for Cooperative Study
2017-09-10 Researchers Going to Yunnan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology for Cooperative Study
2017-08-24 Staff Going to Napo for Field Survey
2017-08-24 Staff Going to Hezhou Hakka Ecomuseum for Field Investigation
2017-08-08 Staff Going to Observe Ming Dynasty Bronze Wares in Shangdong Yanzhou Museum
2017-08-03 Outdoor Work of Digital Recording Project of the 3rd Part Rock Art Heritage of Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape Completed
2017-08-03 Staff Going to Luocheng of Hechi for Ethnic Cultural Relics Collection
2017-05-19 Staves Going to Longsheng for Survey of Paper-making Craft
2017-05-11 Researchers Going to Tiandong for Bronze Drum Survey
2017-04-20 Joint Survey Team Going to Bubing Basin for Cave Survey & Stalagmite Sample
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