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Field Investigation
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GXMN Staff Going to Work in Longji Zhuang Eco-museum
Time:2016-08-31 Hit::593 times

  From Aug 25-29, 2016, Branch Two of The Research Department of GXMN went to carry out exhibition renovation in the display center of Longji Zhuang Eco-museum in Longsheng and training work of rural documentary editing.
  As the major content of “National Demonstration Site” construction, the renovation of exhibition in the display center of Longji Zhuang Eco-museum in Longsheng was to highlight the vivid scene of the displayed, the continuous story of the exhibition frame, and the consistency of each chapter. And the new exhibition hall and contents would definitely take on an entirely new outlook and make visitors experience and understand the profound history and culture of Zhuang in Longji with a happy mood.
  Meanwhile, the staff also did training work to eco-museum workers and local villagers about the documentary editing. Under their instructions, they completed the editing work of documentaries like “Handmade Paper” in Mahai Village and Zhuang Making “Treasury (made of paper and burnt to the dead to put money in it)”. 

(Text: Mai Xi; Photo: Wang Yucheng)

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