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GXMN Staff Going to Lijiang for Rock Art Exhibition & Survey
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  As the exhibition exchange project of “Baisha Frescos in Yulong, Yunnan and Jinsha River Rock Art Photo Exhibition”, the exhibition of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities “Guangxi Rock Art Photo Exhibition” was unveiled in Memorial of Red Army’s Long March in Lijiang on Sep 14, 2016. The staff of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities went to arrange the exhibition and did some survey and collection work on Jinsha River rock art.
  So far, Jinsha River Rock Art has been the oldest rock art discovered within Yunnan. There are 52 confirmed sites of rock art, with most of which distributed in the cliffs of Jinsha River banks and its branches, about 150km from Tiger Leaping Gorge of Daju to Hongmenkou of Mingyin. According to incomplete statistics, the area of rock art reaches 1500 square meters (the rock art area within Yulong is over 1000 square meters). The largest rock art site is 200 square meters while the smallest one only more than 1 square meter. The biggest rock art image has 10.64 square meters while the smallest only 0.89 square meter. The vertical distance from the rock art to the river surface is between 20m and 2000m. The contents of rock art are animals like wild ox, deer, wild boar, barking deer, river deer, hedgehog, antelope, argal, bharal and monkey. 
  Both of the rock art in Jinsha River and Huashan of Zuo River belong to southwest smearing rock art, with similar drawing environment but different style. The holding of this exhibition enhanced the cultural exchange of two locations and is of great significance for the promoting of comparative study of rock art in Zuo River and its surrounding areas.

(Text/Photo: Hu Pengcheng)

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