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Field Investigation
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Staff of GXMN Going to Sanjiang for Survey of Dong Clothes
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  From Jan 12 to 13, 2017, four persons from Cultural Relics Preservation and Restoration Laboratory of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities went to Tongle county of Sanjiang for the survey of Dong clothes in order to solve the problems they met in repairing the Dong clothes. From this survey, their problems had been solved and their technique in repair was improved as well, which initiated their passion for Dong clothes. 
  Master Wei Qinghua is the inheritor of Guangxi Dong embroidery in Tongle county of Sanjiang. The staff asked questions about the original material of Dong clothes, textile, dyeing and pattern technology, color selecting and matching and cultural connotations and made detailed records. Through Master Wei’s comprehensive explanations, they had solved the issue that parts of the embroidery could not be restored in the repair process. Meanwhile, the traditional ethnic culture carried by Dong clothes was further known by them. 

  Clothes are not only the daily wear of people but also the carrier of rich cultural connotation. Through clothes one can judge the wearer’s marriage state and social position. There are twelve ethnic minorities within Guangxi, each having colorful clothes with rich contents, which needs more research and different angles to discover its beauty.

 (Text/Photo: Zhao Jing, Ge Youming, Tian Shuang’e, Qin Chunxiao)

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