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Field Investigation
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Staff Doing Field Survey of Rice-farming Agriculture in Places like Longsheng and Ziyuan
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  From February 8 to 14, 2017, the seven staff of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities went to do field survey of rice-farming agriculture origin in Longsheng and Ziyuan. 
  In Longsheng, the survey group carefully observed and analyzed the stratigraphic accumulation of the river terrace of places like Huangluo village, Jinzhuzhai village, Jinjiangzhai village and Dazhai village and collected species in three sections of Jinzhuzhai village and Jinjiangzhai village. In Ziyuan, they did field survey to Xiaojin Neolithic Age and cleaned the sections in the original excavation site for further observation so as to clarify its stratigraphic accumulation and cultural layer distribution. Meanwhile, they visited Ziyuan County Museum and took comprehensive photos and observations to the unearthed cultural relics from Xiaojin site, especially the carbonized rice, collecting a bunch of precious material.

  China is one of world countries producing the most rice and rice cultivation has a very long old history. The archaeological discovery of the Neolithic Age in China has testified that there has been relatively mature rice agriculture in the Yangzte River and its southern regions as early as the prehistoric age. However, there has no fixed conclusion as to the originated place of rice cultivation in the academic world. The carrying out of this suvey has collected important information to the understanding of the origin, production and development of Guangxi rice agriculture. The collected samples will provide crucial evidence to the understanding of the origin time of Guangxi rice agriculture. All of these information will provide significant proof for discussing the issue like the origin of Chinese rice cultivation.

 (Text/Photo: Chen Jun)

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