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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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Field Survey in Neolithic Age Sites around Nanning
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  On February 21, 2017, the survey team of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities containing the Director Wang Wei, Deputy Director Gong Shiyang, and other four persons went to do field surveys on the three Neolithic Age sites around Naning. 
  Firstly, the group came to Baozitou Site located in Liushabandao of Qingxiu District, carefully observing the stratigraphic accumulation and recording the former position of collecting samples. Then, they came to Shichuantou Site in the Liangqing District. As the Neolithic Age site, it is the cultural relic protection unit of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Among the mingled layers, there were plenty of clam and snail shells and pottery fragments and could be dug for further square units. At last, they arrived at Dingshishan Site located in Yongning District. As the cultural relic protection unit of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it has been one of the sites which had the largest protection area with the most abundant unearthed cultural relics and the most typical shell mound site within Guangxi, having extremely high value for research. Due to the backfill of the excavated area, the surveyed region was mainly in the site and its surrounding stratum, detailed geographical position and present sections had been recorded down. 

  These three sites all belonged to the shell mound site of the Neolithic Age. From the sites, there had unearthed abundant relics like shells, animal bones and pottery fragments. The deep research of these sites would be beneficial to the understanding of residents’ production and life mode in the Neolithic Age, then agricultural development level so as to recover the living scene of them. The discovery of the Neolithic Age sites within Guangxi provided important information for further study of Neolithic Age culture and establishment of cultural serial in South China.

 (Text/Photo: Chen Jun)

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