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Field Investigation
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Staff Going to Napo Eco-museum for Survey & Documentary Shooting Training Work
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  From Feb 20 to 22, 2017, the staff of Research Department Branch 2 and Industry Development Department went to Napo Heiyi Zhuang Eco-museum for survey and training of documentary shooting. And they visited the settlement area of Heiyi Zhuang, Dawentun, Gonghe village of Longhe county. 
  This survey was focused on issues like daily operation, industry development and implementation of cultural memory project of the eco-museum. Profound discussions and exchanges with protection zone residents and eco-museum workers had also been carried out.
  From the survey, a few problems of the management and operation of eco-museum had been found. With the acceleration of the urbanization process, most of the young rural labors went out for work, resulting the “empty village”. Meanwhile, the lack of standing management workers in the eco-museum also become a handicap for its development. The survey workers carefully recorded and analyzed these problems and help implement the development plan according to its present state so as to boost the work of the eco-museum, making it capable of inheriting excellent ethnic culture, promoting community development and bring well-being for local residents. 

  In addition, the training of documentary shooting was also done among the eco-museum workers and community villagers, which was preparations for the 2017 “cultural memory project”.

 (Text: Wang Yucheng; Photo: Mai Xi)

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