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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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Staff Going to Chongzuo & Baise for Field Investigation
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     From Sep 9 to 18 of 2017, the staff of AMGX Fan Miaomiao and five people from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology went to do field investigations in Chongzuo and Baise regions. 
    The investigation scope contained Ningming, Pingxiang, Longzhou and Daxin of Chongzuo and Jingxi and Napo of Baise. The investigation object covered the local museums, clothes-making technique and relevant cultural facility, with Zhuang living areas in southwest Guangxi and their clothes culture as the dominant content. They went to Zhuang villages to observe the procedure of weaving and making cloth, the tailoring form of Zhuang clothes and put up the key issues like “the relationship between the middle sewing and digging front in the front clipping of the top clothes” and “the constructing theory of diamond shape of cut pieces in the collar”. Meanwhile, many hand-made cloth, colored cotton warp and weft from Baijia village, Baoxu of Daxin and traditional clothes of Zhuang women in Baidu, Napo had been collected, providing a foundation for the deep study of ethnic clothes and promotion of exhibition of “Traditional Costume” in AMGX. 
(Text: Fan Miaomiao; Photo: Fan Miaomiao, Zheng Yuting, Qiao Yingjin)

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