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Field Investigation
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Investigation of Western Han Dynasty Clothes Culture in Changsha
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      From Sep 19 to 22 of 2017, the staff of AMGX Fan Miaomiao and five people from Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology went to Ma Wangdui No. 1 & 3 site in Changsha for the investigation of Western Han Dynasty clothes culture. 

      The 200 odd pieces of textiles unearthed from the Han dynasty Ma Wangdui Tomb No. 1 & 3 in 1972 and 1974 are the burial objects. Among them are the major silk types of Han dynasty known by far, such as the flat pattern fabric, circled warp fabric like the plain and colorful gauze, inclined pattern fabric, belt-shape fabric like silk braid and colorful yarn and thick and thin linen cloth. Changsha Jiandu Museum was established in 2002. It is the first modern professional museum focusing on collecting, protecting, arranging, studying and displaying bamboo slips. It displays the development process of bamboo slips of each dynasty through the slips of Three Kingdoms and China bamboo slips, among which there are certain bonds with clothes culture of Han dynasty from aspects of society and economy. By the interpretation of Prof. Liu Ruipu, on-the-scene observation and discussion in the lecture, the workers of AMGX got a profound knowledge of the making technique and piece-tailoring structure of clothes in Western Han Dynasty. And Comparison with Zhuang clothes was also make and the “little waist” structure between the sleeves was deeply discussed, laying a foundation for further study of Zhuang clothes. 

 (Text: Fan Miaomiao; Photo: Fan Miaomiao, Qiao Yingjin)

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