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Staff Going to Hunan Archaeological for Survey of Handaxe & Exchange
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        From Sep 8 to 22, 2017, Li Dawei, staff of AMGX went to Hunan Archaeological and Hubei Provincial Museum for the survey of paleolithic culture, handaxe in particular and exchange work. 
        Handaxe is a typical tool in Paleolithic Age and takes a significant position in the evolution of human beings. And the handaxe of Baise, Guangxi has been studied relatively early with a majority of research fruit. In 2017, Li Dawei got a grant from Guangxi philosophy and social science fund for his project (Early Cultural Study of Paleolithic Age in Upper Reaches of Pearl River--Taking the Handaxe of Baise Basin as the Case). Based on research of Guangxi handaxe, this fund project needs to do comparative studies among handaxes surrounding Guangxi like those of Hunan and Guangdong provinces. 

        In recent years, there have been lots of handaxes discovered in Hunan, which initiates new discussions on handaxe in archaeology. At present, the discovered handaxes are mainly in Yuan River area and most of the specimen have been stored in the cultural relic storehouse of Hunan Archaeological. This trip had enabled Li Dawei to observe all the specimen of handaxe, many Paleolithic stone wares, ancient human beings fossils and animal fossils. Meanwhile, the academic exchange work on handaxe and cooperation works on the study of handaxe of Guangxi and Hunan had been done. This survey is significant in promoting the understanding of research work on Hunan handaxe and enhancing research work of handaxe between Guangxi and Hunan.

 (Text/Photo: Li Dawei) 

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