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Field Investigation
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Staves Going to Bama Yao Autonomous County for Rock Art Survey
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        From October 17 to 20, 2017, Hu Pengcheng and Xiao Bo, staves of AMGX had been to Bama Yao Autonomous County for field survey of rock art in Yanliu Mountain under the guidance of local people like head of cultural relics administration institute, Zheng Zhifu, the retired teacher of Xishan county Huang Haomou, villagers Wei Shaorong and Nong Yuming. 

        This rock art is located in a cliff of Yanliu Mountain, southwest of Sanjiaodong village, Changgan village, Xishan prefecture, Bama Yao Autonomous County. With an area of about one square meter (the fallen parts included), it is about 500m away from Sanjiaodong village. The content of this rock art are event-recording symbols of certain meaning. There are 125 symbols, the biggest is 5cm, the smallest 1cm. They are neither concrete images nor distinguishable characters, between rock art and characters, which has been very rare in the already known rock art field. The two staves took photos, measured the size, collected information of geographical coordinates, completed the information description and got to know the local villagers’ life and production and living custom.  

       At the beginning, this site was discovered by the local villager Nong Yuming when he herded the cattle in the 1980s. In July of this year, this information was known by the local retired teacher Huang Haomou and villager Wei Shaorong in chatting. Then great attention had been paid to it and they reported it to the county’s cultural bureau. The three people voluntarily established protection group for the rock art and went to take photos on scene.

        This survey had obtained the great support from leaders of Bama cultural bureau and local villagers. The first-hand material of rock art had been collected, which enriched the content of Guangxi rock art and been great significance in perfecting the database construction, carrying out research work and knowing the local history and culture.

 (Text/Photo: Hu Pengcheng, Xiao Bo)

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