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Field Investigation
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Lu Qiuyan to Hechi for Ancient Smelting Site Survey
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  From Oct 31 to Nov 3, 2017, Lu Qiuyan, staff of AMGX, had been to Huangjiang and Luocheng of Hechi city for survey of smelting site. Hechi has been the important multi-metal metallogenic belt, abounding in nonferrous metals like Sn, Zn, Ag, Pb and Sb. So far, the ancient smelting sites found in Huangjiang and Luocheng are to smelt lead-zinc ores and to extract zinc metal. From the survey, the sites are large in scale with similar and different smelting style. The preservation of the sites are not ideal enough, with most surface smelting remaining destroyed. The investigator measured, took photos and set coordinates in every point and collected samples of smelting crucible, slag and ores. It has been initially found that these smelting sites had played the role of extracting half-finished product in metal smelting system in ancient Hechi area, more research work needed to be done. This survey has got great assistance from Huangjiang Maonan Museum and Luocheng Mulao Museum. 
(Text/Photo: Lu Qiuyan)

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