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Field Investigation
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Surveying Bronze Drums Collected in Europe
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  From Aug 1 to Oct 29, 2017, Fu Xia, the staff of AMGX, had been to German for academic visit under the invitation of German Institute of Archaeology. During the academic visit, she, together with Dr. Andreas Rreinecke of German Institute of Archaeology and, Yang Yong, Associate Professor of Relics and Museology, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, surveyed 73 bronze drums collected in Paris Asian Art Museum, Musée national des Arts asiatiques-Guimet, Musees royaux d’Art et d’Histoire, by Belgium collector Karim and World Museum of Vienna. These bronze drums mainly came from Vietnam, Laos and China, one third of which belonged to the common Majiang, Lengshuichong, Beiliu and Lingshan type in China, with Majiang type taking the majority. 
    This survey was helpful in knowing the collection and distribution of bronze drums in European museums and private collector, provided further detailed material for the study of scientific classification, evolution and development, protection and management of Southeast Asia and Chinese ancient bronze drums. 
(Text: Fu Xia; Photo: Fu Xia & Andreas Rreinecke)

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