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Field Investigation More...
2018-02-01 Members of Yonsei University Going to Bose Basin for Scientific Investigation
2018-01-07 To Fuchuan for Investigation of Xiaohe Ancient Route
2017-12-19 Sound Close of Museum Ethnographic Field Research Workshop
2017-12-03 Experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences Going to Nanning & Tiandong for Scientific Investigation
2017-11-07 Lu Qiuyan to Hechi for Ancient Smelting Site Survey
2017-11-02 Surveying Bronze Drums Collected in Europe
Researchers More...
2011-01-19 Brief Introduction to Wang Wei
2011-01-19 Brief Introduction to Liang Zhimin
2011-01-19 Brief Introduction to Nong Xuejian
2011-01-18 Brief Introduction to Gong Shiyang
2011-01-11 Brief Introduction to Wu Weibin
2016-10-24 Brief Introduction to Fu Xia
Publications More...
2017-01-12 Guangxi Ethnographic Film Festival Image Library (2014 Volume)
2017-01-12 The Third Corpus of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities
2017-01-12 Three Miao Villages in Western Yuanbao Mountain
2015-02-04 Data Compilation of Chinese Ancient Bronze Drum Measurement & Recording
2014-08-25 Guangxi Ethnic Village Investigation
2014-08-25 The Fengshudao Site of Paleolithic Age in Baise Basin, Guiangxi, South China
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